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(117.95 KB 912x1228 1592522888157.jpg)
/in4Bliss/ - Alexa Bliss General Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 06:05:29 No. 16
•Social Media• https://twitter.com/AlexaBliss_WWE https://www.instagram.com/alexa_bliss_wwe_/ https://shop.wwe.com/alexa-bliss/ •Alexa's title wins• [YouTube] Alexa Bliss' WWE Women's Championship victories (unembed) •Images and WEBMs• https://imgur.com/a/M28GN2t
oh dear
coomers already
LOL you've gotta be kidding me
(761.26 KB 480x480 AlexaAssSmack.mp4)
We cooming mighty fast bois jesus at least let us get the rules up first.
>>24 no rules only coom
(207.73 KB 449x537 chrome_SCecB4yt03.png)
Alexa Bliss is the worst professional wrestler that this generation has ever seen. Long gone are the days of May Young and Mildred Burke. The true legendary women of professional wrestling. Now we get Vince's fetishizations in the form of bad dialogue and shitty attire. This Bratz doll wannabe needs to hang up the boots, hit up Playboy for some cheap blow and a cover spread, and call it quits. Because she's horrendous. Her work rate is utter trash, and her character work is less than entertaining at best. I'd rather see Lana get put through nine more tables than see another Suicide Girls reject and killer clown skit. Bring back Jazz, bring back Molly Holly, bring back real women's wrestling. Hacks like Alexa Bliss are going nowhere fast.
>>27 she may be going nowhere fast but my coom is coming on a picture of her ass
(16.71 KB 71x80 cc4MIgo.png)
(32.73 KB 600x337 234787982351.jpg)
>>27 >Alexa Bliss is the worst professional wrestler that this generation has ever seen.
>>27 Thunder Rosa's promotion is pretty sweet. Got quite a line-up of wrestlers, coaches and advisers. Might be better to look elsewhere than hope anything has changed in the Fed in 30+ years :)


no cookies?