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(40.13 KB 645x370 1601325974577.jpg)
Brand thread Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 00:59:11 No. 1
Sup Brandbros. Post Brand moments.
poop brother -HH
(4.41 MB 381x212 russoenemas.webm)
(5.96 MB 380x193 1561754265799.webm)
Looool suck
(9.50 MB 379x193 1566255539118.webm)
(3.55 MB 320x180 markhands.webm)
(6.28 MB 848x480 russofans.mp4)
(40.13 KB 645x370 1601325974577.jpg)
>>14 Friendly reminder: Russo is an absolute fucking retard.
(1.98 MB 200x150 1523708104978.gif)
>>38 t. giggledick
>>39 probably hates mark madden too!
(7.61 KB 49x75 bro.png)
Vince Russo is a deluded cretin. Have you ever listened to his shows??? He has the verbal reasoning skills of a dying hamster. I feel myself physically becoming increasingly less intelligent the more I listen to him. The sound of his voice makes me want to dig out my ear drums with a serrated hunting knife. And don't get me started on his sidecuck. I hope Vince Russo steps in dog shit every day for the next ten years.
>>42 sup disco
>>42 Based


no cookies?